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Agile software developers •

Baroo Software specialises in software outsourcing not only in Poland, but in many other countries on the globe. Its assistance is absolutely necessary for companies that want to develop new systems, databases and applications, but do not have the dedicated departments and employees. They can of course start the hiring process and employ them, however it is going to be much more expensive than simply cooperating with an outsourcing company. The team at Baroo Software discusses every detail of the project with the client to avoid any mistakes and misunderstandings.

Software outsourcing - Poland

After deciding on a cooperation with such a company, the client has to find one to offer him software outsourcing. Poland is a very good locations when it comes to looking for a partner in developing systems and applications, because it has a large number of qualified personnel, while still offering lower prices than many Western countries. Baroo Software is frequently chosen by businesses from many different places in the world thanks to it professionalism, punctuality and the attention to details.

Baroo Software
108 Lower Baggot Street Dublin 2
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Manufacturer of CDs, DVDs, cassette tapes •

Putting data onto optical discs is a reliable way of distributing one's music, movies or other information. When it comes to sharing those with close family and friends, a traditional computer with an optical drive will do just fine. However, when artists want to prepare a large number of copies or when they are supposed to be used as a form of marketing, an additional help is needed. Printmasta specialises in DVD and CD packaging and manufacturing, as well as cassette tape production, offering their services to clients from the entire Europe.

Many options for CD packaging

Printmasta can also offer its clients various options for CD packaging. They prepare the inlays for jewel cases, but also print digipak cases and digisleeves which can hold up to four optical discs. Each person wanting to order the products responsible for keeping their CDs and DVDs crack-free should consider the many styles available and choose the one which meets their requirements. The company specialises in customisable CD packaging, therefore the clients can pick their colours and the graphics printed onto them.

Jarosława Dąbrowskiego 19/18 02-561 Warszawa
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