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Professionals at noise reduction •

London Sound Solutions Ltd, a company operating in the United Kingdom, offers a variety of soundproofing services. With their help, the customers are able to reduce the noise levels in flats, houses, but also commercial buildings. Their expertise helps greatly in designing professional recording studios and home cinemas. Depending on each client's individual requests, the company can focus on sound absorption, muffling and isolation - to create a quiet place for people to relax in or work on music and voice production.

Soundproofing a flat in three easy steps

Many people want to soundproof their flat on their own, using simple methods. Resourceful persons can perform this feat by following three simple steps. First of all, they need to cover their walls and furniture with soft material that absorbs sound. Then, they can focus on on windows and doors - hanging heavy drapes should prevent the outside noise from getting inside. Thirdly, to muffle the sounds of footsteps, they should lay a rug down and create isolation for walls with the help of, for example, bookshelves. Soundproofing a flat will definitely be more successful once they decide on employing a dedicated company like London Sound Solutions Ltd.

London Sound Solutions Ltd
158 Uxbridge Road W13 8SB London
Electrician •

If the devices around the house tend to overheat or maybe plugging too many of them at a time causes fuses to blow, you definitely need a help of an electrician. In Manchester such services are offered by ELCONNECTION, a well-known distributor of built-in vacuum systems and a team of qualified electrical technicians. They can help you with the installations you already have in your house – improving their performance and fixing their issues, as well as design a new wiring for an apartment or any other chosen building.

Electrical repairs

As an acclaimed electrician in Manchester, the company had the pleasure of working both with private home owners and big investors. This helped immensely its employees to gain the valuable experience needed to deliver a great quality of service. Professional help they offer is available at a very attractive price, making it a great asset in employing them. This team of electrician will help you in installing monitoring and alarm systems in your house, their regular maintenance check-ups, but also with smaller issues, like broken sockets or uncooperative lighting in rooms.

149 Trafalgar St, Ashton-under-Lyne OL7 0HN Manchester

Our website •

It is worth installing central vacuum power unit Vacuflo, as it is of high-quality and provides you with great convenience of cleaning. The engine is placed in a separated area (in a garage, for example), thus all the noise is cumulated there and does not disturb you and your family at home. What is more, you do not have to change the bag often, but only once in 4-8 months. It is a wonderful suggestion for people who are allergic to dust, as central vacuum cleaner reduces its amount to remarkable extent.
Vacuflo UK
149 Trafalgar St OL7 0HN Ashton-under-Lyne

Filling machines
Food manufacturing •

If you care of the development of your own business in the manufacture of food, you absolutely must start with the modernization of the filling lines. JK - Maschinenbau has in its range of specific elements such as filling machines. The whole manufacturing process is carried out with the heighest care. Preserved are all standards of safety and quality. The company has implemented an ISO 9001 system, so you can be sure that the products you buy from a reliable company.
JK - Maschinenbau
Spechtstraße 83 45772 Marl
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